USB detection port with Arduino UNO wifi


I want to use the new Arduino UNO Wifi A000133 and the computer detect the card but it can not install the pilot correctly.

I have different (Uno, Mega) and my problem is considering only the UNO Wifi.

Can you help me to solve this problem?



Which version of the Arduino IDE are you using?

I tried with the old one 1.0.5 and the 1.6.5.

First, just so you have the correct search term, the correct word is driver, not pilot. The Arduino IDE has drivers in the drivers folder inside the Arduino IDE installation folder. You might be able to select that folder as a place for your computer to search for drivers.

That's an board so you may need to install their IDE(you're using the IDE). You may be able to just get the drivers from the IDE installation and then go back to using the IDE.

Thanks, it's working.


Did you have to install the IDE?