USB device connected to Serial1 on Mega is it possible

Hi All
Done a lot of browsing and decided to ask if is it possible to connect a non computer usb device to a Mega on say Serial1.
I have managed to get an OBD2 serial scanner connected and doing what I want to on RS232 with a converter, but trying the same with a USB OBD2 scanner seems to have stumped me.
I have got a couple of the Arduino usb to serial uart converters which will work from a PC/Laptop but not the scanner.
Would a USB shield make the difference.
Any advice on this would be great or else I will have to find more RS232 OBD2 scanners.

If you want to use a USB slave device then you will need to provide a USB host for it to connect to, and you will need to provide a USB host driver that understands how to talk to the slave. For the hardware, you could use a USB host shield, or an Arduino with an integral USB host port. For the software, you would either need to find a suitable driver somewhere, or write your own. Be warned that writing a USB slave or host driver can get very complicated.

While it is probably technically possible to get an Arduino to talk to this device, it may be easier to use a PC or other device with a USB host port and an operating system that you can find the right USB drivers for. For example the RPi is comparable size and cost to an Arduino but is a computer rather than a microcontroller, which gives you a much easier time getting this sort of thing working.

Thanks PeterH
I had a feeling I would struggle with the USB versions but they are available in the UK and Cheep looks like another parcel from china or the 40$ ttl version or maybe a DIY one from an ELM327 chip.
Thanks for putting that to bed.