USB Device malfunction


I was workin on a project with Arduino 33 IOT and testing it on the breadboard, but suddenly after uploading the code the USB device malfunctioned and I cannot work with it anymore. Its happened so sudden and so random. I don't know the cause. And I never got this kind of problem with other Arduino.

Its already happen twice with 2 different Nano IOT Devices, once while I was working with timer, and the last one while I was testing a range sensor with wire interface.

Could someone help me?
I want to know what might caused this malfunction and how to fix it?

Thanks !

Hello akangmufti,

Can you still upload code to the boards and/or does pressing the reset button twice quickly when plugged in lead to the orange LED flashing/pulsing?

If not is the board detected at all by the computer?

Can you also upload the code used just before the errors?


Thank you, one Nano Iot is now working, after pressing reset twice when plugged in, it can be detected and I can upload some code. (This is the arduino that I used for testing some Range Sensors)

but the other one is still malfunctioned, I attach a picture that told me the usb device is malfunctioned and windows cannot recognise it.

Unfortunately I don’t really have the code that I upload before the errors anymore, because I have change it. I was trying to implement the timer in this micro controller, copy the code from some source in internet with Timer3, its work. But then I during the implementation of timer 4 and 5 I got this problem.
(In attachment I will still upload it.)


TestTimer.ino (2.01 KB)

Hello akangmufti,

Glad to see that you got one back to the life. Sounds like the other might be a bit more problematic. It's strange, if it was a driver issue on the PC (assuming you are on windows) none of the IoTs would be detected. I am guessing that there could be something wrong with the embedded driver/bootloader, not too sure how to fix that!

With regards to the timer, I found this forum post with regards to the Nano IoT timers:

Sorry I couldn't help more!