USB device not recognised!

Just started getting "USB device not recognised" from Windows when I plug it in, and port cannot be selected.

Have I "BROKEN" it?

I think the board is OK, it's somehow lost the boot program. I pressed the reset button quickly, twice, and it went into boot load mode. Unfortunately, I copied the Pimoroni MicroPython uf2 file to it, rather than the Arduino one. I'm now waiting for a pair of tweezers to come from Amazon so I can do the job properly. Pressing reset twice doesn't work now.

Found that a small screwdriver worked for shorting the pins. My Nano RP2040 is now working again!

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Yes I've had that same problem.

I unplug my USB cable, then press the BOOTSEL button and keep it pressed while plugging cable back in. This will open up the folder but you can close. You are now ready to upload your program via the Arduino IDE. Once you've programmed board it should be as good as new.

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