USB Device Not Recognized (Windows 10 64 bit)


I'm having some trouble successfully connecting an Arduino UNO Rev3 to my PC. I've installed the Arduino drivers with no luck, installed the CH340, and installed the CP2102 drivers with no success. At this point i'm not sure if I have a genuine arduino or a counterfeit of some kind. Below is the amazon link i bought it from and the imgur album contains pictures of the arduino itself as well as the USB error i see in device management.

For reference, i've also followed every instruction in this thread with no success either. Windows 10 COM issue - Installation & Troubleshooting - Arduino Forum

I have already purchased a replacement directly from the Arduino website, but was wondering if this unit is at all salvageable.

Ok, the picture clearly shows an Atmel Mega16U2, so you need the Uno driver, not the CH340 or CP2102.

Thank you for the response. That’s good news then.

So when i attempt to associate the USB with the arduino driver I get an error telling me that it’s already installed or if i take another route that it’s incompatible. I’ve attached a record of the steps taken. (1.3 MB)