USB device

I want to make a shield wit a usb interface on it. This is a my ultimate goal. I've seen tons of usb to serial and parallel chips and random chips that allow no drivers, but I'm looking for something more fun. I want to see NEW HARDWARE FOUND!!---> Moogle's Crazy USB Device!!! when ever I plug it in.

The main chip I think I want to use for this shield is:

There are all sorts of usb devices, how hard can it be to make your own? Am I on the correct path with this chip selection?

comments? Questions? Mistakes I made?

You can program the existing FTDI chip on a arduino board to have your own name, and much more:

With this program you can set some parameters. use it at your own risk :)

I have changed the name to my own. so when i plug-in my arduino it says SuperCow device found

Have fun Eberhard