USB disabled by Windows

Hi guys,

When I connect my UnoR3 Windows tells me:
“the USB device has malfunctioned and Windows (10) does not recognize it”.

This happened in the middle of running my application which is to read an optical encoder and switch relays depending on the encoder readout.

I have a generic 5VDC incremental encoder outputting an A and B phase to pins 2 & 3 on my Arduino.

Everything was great and then it just stopped - Boo!

Has anyone encountered this before?


I cant this might be exact reason. I will recommend download lower verion of arduino IDE and install the drivers for this.

Try to run the program with different lap with window 8,7 or XP installed.

Thanks I have tried that fix but no good. Pretty sure i damaged the chip. I could have pulled 50mA from the 5v pin - I think 40 is the absolute max. Your thoughts?