usb driver

Is there any way i can get hold of standalone usb drivers? I have a due which i am using to output adc measurements as serial data over usb. I would like to be able to plug into different pcs and be able to listen to the port without having to do a full arduino install on each machine.

Is that possible?

I would also be interested to know if the answer is any different for other types of arduino board.

I know i could just ignore the onboard usb and use a seperate usb to serial converter, but would prefer not to as i want to also power the board over usb with a usb isolation cable. A seperate serial converter would also mean a seperate power supply which would be a pain.

Any sort of serial monitor should be fine

Putty, realterm, coolterm etc etc.

I often watch different board output whilst testing.

No separate serial adaptor required just the one USB cable as both power and data.

Different computers will want to install drivers regardless as it is NEW HARDWARE. But you don't need the IDE installed.