USB External touch screen ? !

Well, it’s all well and good controlling Arduino with a dedicated touchscreen but ? ?

What about me ? :grin: I was……... uhmm ...... well let me explain;

I posted this question here:

as it seemed more appropriate but had non response.

My aim is to use an external touch screen USB to interface with Arduino via a serial input.

Why ?

I was using my 22” touch screen with Flight Simulator X as an overhead panel and all switches and rotary knobs were functioning perfectly well via the Windows built in touch gestures which emulates a mouse in all its functions until I upgraded to P3D.

Unfortunately the new Simulator seems to reject part of these messages (all right click are inhibited) so Arduino seems to be the only way around in order to regain full control of the overhead panel.

If I can use Arduino’s serial to input the USB touch screen commands (just like a mouse), then Arduino will interface with Prepare 3D via Link 2 Fs software and everything should be fine.

So, for the BIG question……

has anyone ever successfully used either a USB mouse or touchscreen (should be the same code) in Arduino via serial ?

Thanks in advance