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Hello, I'm new to Arduino but not to electronic work in general. I'm wanting to build a panel for my DCS World hobby ( flight sim). I know I could just pick up a prefab USB interface board, but I want to learn how to work with the Arduino & similar systems. I don't know the product line yet, so I was wondering which board experienced builders would suggest for my first project. Which will be the control board for my panel. I would like it to support directional axis, rotary encoders, buttons and if possible POV hat arrangement. So, just wondering if someone could point me in the right direction on what would be a good basic board for this project and maybe some good resources on making with Arduino. Thanks for the help.

Hello! Welcome! I recommend an arduino leonardo. Get a joy stick breakout board and you will get at least 2 axis and possible a stick click. That can get you started playing with the code. There are leonardo gamepad libraries that can make it emulate a gamepad that has up to 4 analog axis (or 6?) and a number of buttons.

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Hey, thanks for the help @liuzengqiang, I just ordered one!

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