USB freezing after unplugging Arduino

Hello all,
Using an Arduino Duemilanove on Windows 7 64bit and I'm running into an issue I haven't had before. When I first plug in the Arduino to the USB and start the IDE no problems, connects to Com3 and uploads sketches. However, when I unplug the USB cable, the USB ports are no longer able to do anything. If I plug the Arduino back in, the Com port cant be found. And even if I try to plug in a USB stick nothing happens. Even if I try a different USB port, nothing works. I have to restart the machine and then I can plug in. Needless to say this is wicked frustrating. Help?? Thanks.

Anyone else had this issue and resolved it?

I have similar issues with UNOs. So far the only solution I've found to clear the problem is to stop and restart the program that once had the COM port open.