USB/FTDI chip problem: Exclusive Upload

Hi everyone.

I'm new here and i think I'm posting this correctly, please tell me if I'm wrong.

So I've just recently bought one of these USB/FTDI chips (from DX) to interface with an Arduino Pro Mini, and I inmediately started to use it. First blinky OK, up to here nothing wrong but here's the problem:

I can only upload one sketch until I unplug it from the USB and plug it again.

Then everything's normal, i can upload another sketch, the TX and RX leds blinks, the Serial Monitor works normaly, but if I try to upload another one the Arduino IDE prompts up the error "programer is not responding, atempt 1 of 10.."

It's anoying me a lot. I couldn't find a solution in the forum, nor in google. I guess the problem is with the proper FT232RL chip, which for an unknown reason it doesn't follow the main programmer loop until it gets disconnected from USB and restarts itself.

Any ideas? The connections are OK ( I CAN upload things ), and for extra information I use a MacBook Pro with OS 10.9 - this looks to not be the problem, because with Windows 7 running in the same Mac AND in other PC works the same way.

Thank you in advance for your time, I hope it can be resolved soon :slight_smile:

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Are you sure it isn't the fake FTDI chip problem?

I've already looked for those counterfeit chips, but there's not a similar problem like this. I can actually load sketches, but only once per time it's connected and reconected.


Ah I see. That is odd.

OK, rather than unplugging it, how about you shut down the IDE and re-start that?

I have the same problem with my FTDI device from DigiKey. Restarting the IDE does not clear it. The only thing that seems to work is unplugging the USB cable and letting the port reset itself. However, once I have done this, I can upload sketches without any problems until I leave the computer and it goes into hibernate mode. That is when I need to unplug the cable after the computer comes out of hibernate mode !!