USB gpio board

I'm working on a project to use a eink display as a pc monitor using this board and software: GitHub - vroland/epdiy: EPDiy is a driver board for affordable e-Paper (or E-ink) displays.
Epdiy's board has a ESP32-WROVER as microcontroller. There are some problems with sending frames from the pc to the ESP32 which increase latency such as the transfer itself of the data and it's processing to actually write and display the frame. I'd prefer to do all calculations on the pc and send the final information to the display directly rather than having the ESP32 in the middle.
If i used the esp32 i would send 1bpp images compressed with RLE encoding which would take around 30kb space over wifi, which would also not be so slow, but i would have to process it on the esp32.
The screen i want to use has 1200x825 resolution and each pixel needs 2bits of data to be driven, 00 is "leave as is", 01 is make pixel darker, 10 is make pixel brighter and 11 is "leave as is". So it's a total of 247.5kb per frame
So for this end i was wondering if a USB to gpio board such as the Adafruit FT232H would be able to handle this amount of information faster than the ESP32, or if there would be a bottleneck somewhere.