USB Handbrake for SIM Racing

Hello guys, how are you?

I´m following the steps of this vídeo on Youtube (HOW TO MAKE A USB ANALOG HANDBRAKE | SIM RACING DIY EBRAKE - YouTube) to make me a handbrake, but I´m with a little problem. The guy who I bought the 10k Potentiometer sent me one with 6 (2 / 4) pins, instead of 3 (1 / 2). It has this info below it (SK458G - B103K). I will also attach a photo of it. I want to know if anyone knows what would be the Grnd pin, the Vcc pin and the Analog pin for this, so I can still use it and avoid buying another potentiometer.

PS.: I don´t know a thing about eletronics, I´m literally following the steps of that video, as I already done and completed some projects of them.

I also found this image, which contais its specs.

  1. ground
  2. Analog in
  3. Vcc

Thanks, I will try that. And what would be 1', 2' and 3' ?

stereo-linear-slide-potentiometer-60mm-10kohm (1).jpg

It is a stereo potentiometer, two supposedly identical potentiometers side by side.

You only need one, so you choose - either pins 1, 2 and 3 or 1', 2' and 3'. Ignore the other.