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Hello people im very new to Arduino and after some help lol. I have a usb hand brake which I believe uses a hall effect sensor with a magnetic it runs via a pro micro I brought it with broken micro USB plug so I havd got new pro mini and soldered it on and I’m struggling because I can’t find the code and I have no idea how to code can any body help me please


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If you can’t find the code on the original board, how are you going to program the new board? It sounds like it might be a better idea to solder on a new USB connector to the original board

I’m not sure why I - or anyone else here - should need to Duck2Go to find what a “USB handbrake” actually is, so how about you give a proper explanation and a link? :woozy_face:

The pads are all messed up is there a way to solder the wires to the pins on side?

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Are you sure you have a ProMini;
Or a ProMicro;

Have you contacted the suppliers and asked for the code?

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Sorry it’s a pro micro and I have asked they all say they don’t have

Why don’t you replace this new board with the older board, which you contain the code of it?

The easiest solution would be to replace the broken USB connector. It would take some fine soldering work but not impossible.

Another solution is to connect wires to the SPI pins, Power, Ground, and Reset and use ‘avrdude’ to try to read out the contents of the FLASH memory. If you can read out the program in Intel Hex format, you can write it to the new board, also using ‘avrdude’. ‘avrdude’ is the program that the Arduino IDE uses to upload sketches to an AVR-based Arduino (like the UNO or Micro).

If you turn on verbose messages for upload and try to upload a sketch to your new Micro you can see the avrdude command. The last option on the command line is:
-Uflash:w:(big long file path):i
The “:w:” part says to write the file. The “:i” part means the file is in Intel Hex format. If you change “:w:” to “:r:” it will try to READ the FLASH memory and store it in the file. Once you have that file from the broken Micro you can use the original “:w:” command to write it to the new Micro.

Hello so I have managed to solder wires from usb, how can I read it to get code/file to write to the new one

Same way: avrdude

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