USB Host for bluetooth

Hi, I'm going to manage a project with Arduino and attach a bluetooth to it and have it work as a host. I have already a bluetooth module and my purpose here is to do to learn deeper. I found information about MAX3421E chip, but it is around 20$ on eBay which gets the final cost of the shield too high.

Could anybody please suggest an alternative?

Is it possible to use ATMega8U2 as host? if so, where from could I start, any tutorial/example please?


Your title conflicts a little bit with your message. Where does USB enter into the project?

When you say "Bluetooth Host" are you suggesting to implement a Bluetooth stack in the Arduino? Or does this chip you found do that for you? Seems like the ATmega's have far too little RAM for this application. Er, wait. What's the application?

sounds like he wants to use a cheap usb bluetooth adapter instead of the more expensive serial ones. the problem with this is that most of the cheap adapters do all protocol stuff in software, and the adapter is pretty much just a tranceiver. you would have to write the whole bluetooth stack, and you would end up using a bunch of external circuitry.