USB Host module for reading USB HID RAW devices?

Hi, I am looking to develop a hardware data collector for a few measurement devices which are using USB HID RAW protocol. These devices are mostly based on STM32 and PIC MCUs and all uses integrated USB transceiver. Luckily I have all documentation about data requests and data reply formats, so I can make my own reader without problems.

I have two questions regarding this:

1.) Is it possible to read data (and send commands) from HID RAW with Arduino USB Host modules without bigger impact on CPU power?

2.) There are many USB Host module chipsets (I cant use shield because of space) - USB3300, CH375B , MAX3421, SL811... Are they compatible? (I only found cosed for MAX3421, but seems all of them uses SPI/or 8-bit parallel interface)... Or is it better to use Arduino Mega ADK instead (nice because it has 2 SPI ports, so I can use SD)?

Thank you.