Usb host shield and active usb repeater cable

Hi All,

My first post so bear with me.

I’m a teacher from CT and my students and I are designign an underwater robot for competition. We are trying to run the robot off of an xbox 360 controller, usb host shield, and arduino mega. We have successfully programmed the robot with the controller, shield and mega, but we need to run the controller through 100ft (3-33ft) active repeater cable for our robot tether. Here’s the link to the cables we have

Unfortunately when we add the repeater cable into the loop we loose the controller signal to the shield/mega. We’ve done some troubleshooting: We were able to flash our mega from our computer through the repeater cable, we were also able to play xbox with the controller running through the repeater cable to the xbox console. So it seems that the limiting factor is the Shield.

Here’s my questions:

  1. Any idea why the shield would limit the signal, but not the mega? Power issue? protocol issue? buad rate?

  2. I read that the host shield runs to the mega via the SPI pins but i’m not familiar with those. Do they work like regular tx/rx seriel lines? We pulled an old female usb harware out of an old computer and I feel like we should just be able to run those rx/tx lines strait to the mega (without the host shield), but I don’t want to mess with the current programming too much if possible.

Here’s the code: Let me know what you think. Appreciate any help

ROV10.ino (22.9 KB)