Usb host shield + Bluetooth dongle to Pc. Connection problem

Hi guys. I´m kinda new to the Arduino world and forum (I hope I are posting in the right place now).

Well, my problem is that I can´t get my Arduino to speak to my Pc via Bluetooth. I am using the Circuits @ Home USB Host Shield rev 2.0 and a Bluetooth dongle that is confirmed to work for this. I´m following this tutorial . I get my computer to connect to the Arduino but then when I´m trying to send data from the Arduino IDE (the Example for SPP that comes with the library) it does not find the Arduino. I´m connected on COM6. In the right corner in the IDE is says Arduino Uno on COM6. And when I check the properties for my Arduino in "Bluetooth-Devices" it also says COM6.

When I try to send the code to the Arduino it goes about 90% and stops for a while, after like 1-2min a window plops up and asks me if I want to change COM because it can´t find anything on COM6.

Do any one have any good ideas about what I´m doing wrong or something I can test?