USB Host Shield has stopped powering Bluetooth Dongle


I'm using Arduino UNO with a knock off of this USB Host Shield 2.0. Host Shield is used to connect with a PS3 controller.

At first when I got the shield it wouldn't power the dongle so I bought another one, but with the same result. I'd get the message "OSC did not start". Stumbled upon this Defective Host Shield Boards and have done the operation on both of the shields. After that they worked great. I was testing how well would controlling 4 servos work, servos had a separate power supply (4 AA batteries in a serial connection giving 6V), Arduino had power from USB connection. Because dongle would stop working with this setup I've connected one servo directly to Arduino and the other 3 had a separate power supply. This time dongle kept power, but I've read that the Host Shield uses pin 10 (which I need for PWM) for SS. So I've rewired it according to this Circuits@Home manual (paragraph 5).

I've done this only on one of my shields. Now dongle is not getting powered on either of my shields (but it is working when I plug it into my PC). Checked voltages with multimeter and VBUS on both shields is getting enough voltage. Tried reversing library changes but it did not help.

Has anyone encountered such problem? Or has anyone any idea what might have gone wrong?

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Same problem.. I don’t know if it was the Dongle or the shield. The USB turns hot when plug the dongle but without response.

Also, my Arduino Leonardo are not recognized anymore on Mac due too much power..