USB host shield keyboard to NRF24L01

Hello, I'm completely new to Arduino and I don't even have a unit yet. I'm just making this post to make sure I don't start something with the wrong plan or something that isn't possible.

I want to create a remotely controlled small boat. I plan to do this by having one arduino act as a "controller" with a keyboard hooked up to it, and send data to another arduino (the one on the boat) via NRF24L01 transceivers. I've done some research, and I know that to hook up a usb keyboard to the Arduino Uno requires a USB host shield, but my main concern is how to get the arduino to process keypresses from the host shield when a button is pressed on the keyboard. I'm not too concerned about sending data to the other arduino from the transceiver, I mainly need to know how to get the keypresses in the first place so that it knows when to send data.

Would this be possible with my current plan of sending data after certain keys are pressed to another arduino via NRF24L01 transceivers? Either way, any guidance on the whole keyboard usb shield thing would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry if I used wrong terminology or something, like I said, I'm completely new to all of this. Please don't kill me.

I know nothing about the USB host shield. If you can use it to detect key-presses and display the appropriate character on the Arduino Serial Monitor then you should be able to send that character using an nRF24. Check that the host shield does not use the SPI pins (11, 12 and 13) for anything other than SPI. For using SPI (to communicate with the nRF24) you also need pin 10 set as OUTPUT - though not necessarily used by the nRF24

However it seems to me it would be much simpler to use a keypad that can connect to an Arduino without needing a USB host shield.

...R Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial

There are keyboard examples in the USB host shield library.

I mirror some of @Robin2 's thoughts here...

Why do you need a full keyboard? How many actual 'keys' (commands/actions) are you planning on setting up? That cant be done using some pre-fab'd switches?

I have and have played around with a the USB Host shield from Circuits@Home... nice board, seems to work, documentation is ok.. and others have done PLENTY of work on this to be compatible with a SLEW of devices..

Their forum/group does little in answering questions unfortunately...

I dont really see the benefit of using a 'real' keyboard here..

More components, more money and more work.

Note: I used mine with a Pro-Micro.. which DOES NOT have the same exact pinout as the Pro_Mini (close.. but not exact).. I had to do some mods to my USB Host mini board.. one for the VUSB power.. and one for the RESET stuff on the Pro-Micro..

just an FYI...