USB Host Shield library questions

hi everyone
I have some questions about the USB Host library, v.2.0

in the old library, I had to make an EP_RECORD struct and fill it with the informations about the endpoints. Then I could plug this struct to the device using the SetDevTableEntry method. Last, I could use SetConf method to have the device ready.
Now in the v.2.0 something changed, EP_RECORD is now EpInfo if I'm not wrong..and the method to attach this struct to the device is setEpInfoEntry. Am I right?
the only difference is that this new method now requires the number of EPs?
Then I was wondering what are used for those 3 members inside the struct:
bmSndToggle, bmRcvToggle, bmNakPower,
and how should I fill them (if I can get those values from my device).
Last question is, how can I obtain the address assigned to my device, in order to call those methods correctly (now I'm assuming the address is always 1).
many thanks