USB Host Shield not working without Monitor

Hello all,

Im using the USB Host Shield to connect a PS3 Controller to an Arduino Leonardo. I use a Mini USB Cable so it is not BlueTooth, the controller actually is wired to the Shield via USB.

My problem is that after I upload the PS3USB example sketch in the arduino, I can't pair my controller. It will only pair after I started "Serial Monitor" or a "Putty" session on my computer.

The terminal print out : "PS3 USB Library Started"

and my controller automatically pair.

How can I get rid of that? I would like to be able to connect the PS3 Controller without the need of a computer.

I use the Library USB_Host_Shield 2.0

Perhaps the example sketch requires a PC connection? Or the USB shield requires power from the PC USB port? Or you have to reset the Leonardo manually, if it isn't reset from a PC connection?