USB Host Shield on Mega 2560

I bought a USB Host Shield from Robot Shop dot com where it was advertised to be compatible with the Arduino Mega 2560. I am able to get the shield to work with my Arduino UNO, but not the Mega 2560. I have found tutorials and videos online for people using the shield, but none explaining how to get it to work.

The code I am using is

with the PS3BT.h

As I mentioned, this works perfect with the Arduino UNO, but not the Arduino Mega 2560. I verified that this USB Host shield should work and is listed as compatible. This the shield I have:

I am very new to Arduino and using shields. From what I can figure out, the SPI pins are different between the UNO and Mega and they are needed for this shield to work. Is it possible to redefine the SPI pins on the Mega or how else do I make this work?

SPI Pins are fixed on MEGA. sorry bud. You can use any digital pin for the SS (SLAVE SELECT) pin tho.