USB Host Shield problem

I’m having trouble getting my USB Host shield to initialize.

I have an Arduino USB Host Shield R3 from RobotShop

and am using the USB Host Shield 2.0 libs

as recommended on the official Arduino USB Host Shield page

I’m using the shield on an Arduino Due. I have read about issues with reset and GPX pins being swapped, but it was in reference to an earlier version of the libs. I did place a jumper between pin 7 on the arduino and RESET on the host board which properly enabled the reset button on the shield. I suspect the GPX pin issue may still exist on R3 of the board (no official reference on the Arduino page though). However, I’m not sure which pins to change.

The IOREF, SDA and SCL from the shield are not connected since the Due headers don’t include these pins.

Any suggestions?


Any progress?