USB Host Shield to ECUTalk Cable

Hi all!

I have an issue.

I'll start with the scope. What I'm trying to achieve is an TFT LCD based interface for my car (Nissan Patrol). I have purchased an ECUTalk cable (USB) which can be used with PC to read fault codes and display engine data such as temps, pressures etc with the help of the software from the site.

I have gone out and bought a Duinotech USB Host Shield (Jaycar) in hopes of being able to replicate such an interface that can be displayed on a TFT via an Arduino. This seems to be very similar to the Circuits @ Home version.

I have found and are confident that I can use the Nissan Consult library to talk to the ECU. I have also found my way to the USB Host Shield 2.0 library which is where my problem resides.

Theproblem is that I don't understand how to use the host library to communicate to the ECU via the USB host shield. I have gone through the examples in hopes of being able to reverse engineer the code in some way but failed. I also tried the specific libraries for a few examples but can't seem to understand how they work.

So how do I go about read/writing to the ECU?
Do I need to hand write some sort of driver or is it similar to how the Serial library works?


Serial.print(this); becomes

Usb.print(this); (Obviously this would have to be a register of some sort though).

Sorry for the basic example but I'm not sure on how to go about this.

Any Help will be greatly appreciated!