USB host shield together with XBEE


I am planning to do a project where i want to read the data from the following data logger using arduino uno and the send the data out via Xbee. For this purpose i thought of using USB host shiled inorder to extract the data from the datalogger and xbee shield to transfer the data wirelessly. Can you please let me know whether the USB host shield can be used to extract the data from the data logger and Xbee shield is compatable with USB host shield. If not what is the correct procedure to follow to make the sensor send data wirelessly using Arduino Uno and XBee.

Thank you

You need to look at the pins used by the two shields. Are there pins in common? If so, can those pins be changed with jumpers? If there are common pins, and they can not be changed, you can't use the two shields together.

The XBee shield will typically use the serial port pins (0 and 1), and may offer an option to use one other pair of pins. Which pair is used depends on the shield, but is typically 2 and 3, if that option exists at all.

You'll need to determine which pins the USB Host shield you are considering will use.

Do you know anything about writing USB drivers?