USB input => data manipulation => USB output?

Hello, this is my first post… and first program. I am trying to write a program that would allow me to take the input through the USB shield on the Arduino Uno, manipulate parameters such as the X and Y axis values, repackage it as a USB packet, delay it by a set amount, and then send it back out to another computer via USB.

I have a few libraries though I am not entirely sure the later part is possible with the method I am shooting for. Has anyone tried this before or have any guidance on how or if it is even possible to do? Thank you in advance!

What do you want to do ? Do you have a controller/gamepad/joystick and you want the Arduino between the computer and the controller and change things ? The website for V-USB has gathers a lot of information for these things, but I doublt if it is possible.

That controller/gamepad/joystick uses driver software in Windows. The Arduino is not capable to run that driver.

Is this the shield you mean?

Hello, this is my first post... and first program.

What do you know of the C language? Arrays? Loops? Logic and branching? Variables and types?

You should be familiar with all those before planning a trip across where you want to go. Even then, you will be stretched.

I see the tutorials for the shield and say that you need to go through tutorials for the Arduino just to begin to understand not all the individual lines in the shield tutorials and have some hope to be able to look up and work through the rest.

What so many people do instead of learn first is to buy a lot of things and grab code from somewhere and expect to be able to modify it with some help like it is a school writing assignment or scene from a movie. Please do not do that, it would be a disservice to yourself and others.

If instead you cover some or all the Arduino Example tutorials from sections 1, 2, 3 and 5, all included in your Arduino IDE it will help you immensely to be able to read the shield tutorials and importantly it will help you ask questions in the forum that will get you useful answers.

Yes, all that just to be able to converse meaningfully about the subject of your goal. Your background will give people a handle just to be able to help and guide you.

You need to walk before run.