USB interfacing with Arduino UNO

If I buy, an Arduiono UNO board, can I connect it to my PC via USB and transfer data to and fro? I know it can be programmed via USB. But I need to know whether it can be used to interface via USB for general projects. Please help me. I'm a beginner.

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Yes, you can transmit data back and forth. If you download the Arduino GUI you will see several example sketches for this in the Communication category.

-- The Quick Shield: breakout all 28 pins to quick-connect terminals

Thank you RuggedCircuits. I didn't download the GUI program yet. Can I make stand alone applications to interface via USB programmed in C/C++/python with Arduino as you said?

Sure, the Arduino just looks like a regular serial port (e.g., COM1) to an application running on the PC. Any programming language that can access serial ports will work.

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I’ve used Processing to talk to the Arduino. It can do quite a bit with less programming.

I’m working on a Christmas lighting project that needs a GUI to protect the innocent hardware from the operator. :wink:

Processing is interesting!!