USB IR Toy with Arduino

Works great with PC via USB. Any idea how to use this mode with Uno?
Kinda works with USB Host Shield, but it misses data.
I tried RX/TX pins, they are not supported.

Any ideas how to modify this circuit?

Is the serial data available anywhere?
The author said it requires rewriting the firmware from scratch....

com'on look at the scheme :slight_smile:

give the board some power(usb or whatever right?), and then connect the IRRX pin to a digital pin on your Arduino. then you can use that to receive 38khz signals with the Arduino. the IRTX pin is for sending codes, so you can also hook that up to a Arduino digital pin, and send codes with that.

or just hook up +5v/Gnd pins on the board to Arduino board and power it that way.

more info on IR for arduino:

Thanks will try it!