USB keyboard interfacing with Arduino UNO

Is it possible to interface an USB keyboard (HID) to arduino UNO???.

I could find some library files to interface usbkeyboard with arduino mega/due.

I wana know whether UNO is compatible if not please suggest the arduino board for interfacing USB Keyboard.

All helps are greatly appreciated

Connecting a usb-keyboard requires that the device the keyboard is connected to has usb-host capability. There is a ArduinoUSBHostShield that you can use.

Yes i do have a USB shield. But my project is to interface a USB keyboard to a LCD display via Arduino. For which i wana know whether it is possible to continue with UNO or any other arduino board can be suggested.

please help me out..

As far as i can see there should be no problem doing that. Have a look at the USB Host Shield 2.0 Documentation. It states that the shield is compatible with the UNO. And i imagine that the code will not make unrealistic demands on the hardware.

Thank you let me check out :-)

I am new to Arduino and I want to communicate with a BBC microbit, so I have been looking at the USB comms. I don't want to seem thick or stupid, but isn't there a way of using the USB with which we upload our code as a comms port, for serial comms?

And indeed that is exactly its purpose. :sunglasses:

Uploading is performed using serial communications with the USB host.