USB Keyboard / USB Host Shield communicating only to Uno Sketch (No PC involved)

I want to type a USB Keyboard (ASCII) Character into the new USB Host Shield, and into the Uno Sketch logic, which will convert the (ASCII) character into RTTY "Baudot code" character (then send out the RTTY Baudot signals out an 8 ohm speaker on Pin 6 to Ground).

(NOTE: I have already programmed and tested the RTTY Baudot to Speaker logic, using a vector, which works great! It's the USB keyboard (ASCII) to the UNO board Sketch, via USB Host Shield, that is new to me.)

I just purchased my first USB Host Shield (Amazon), with no documentation, and have not found answers I am looking for in the Forums, websites, examples, etc.:

  1. What Arduino Libraries, etc. do I need to communicate between the USB Keyboard, the USB Host Shield, and the Uno Sketch?

  2. What Pin(s) do the Keyboard (ASCII) Character receive signals arrive on the Uno Board?

  3. What programming commands are used to capture the Keyboard characters within the Sketch?

I just purchased my first USB Host Shield (Amazon)

Please provide a link to the shield

This Google search gets quite a few hits: usb host shield keyboard connection

UKHeliBob, here is the link for the Host Shield I just got from Amazon:

6V6GT, Besides aksing for support here, I wil continue to search out some info on web searches, to find out how to start using and programming the USB Host Shield.

Thank you both for the quick responses. Looking forward to more guidance and answers... Robert

UKHeliBob, here is the link for the Host Shield I just got from Amazon:

I assume that you have visited the web pages linked to from that page, including downloading the library, and have tried at least some of the the 20 examples that it contains

When I plug the Dynex (Model: DX-WKBD) USB wired Keyboard into the Host Shield, and plug the power into the UNO board, I see the power lights on the keyboard go on for just a split-second, then go back out. (If I plug the USB keyboard into my laptop USB slot, the power lights (Num lock, caps lock, and Scroll Lock) come on and stay on, so the Keyboard is not at fault).

(Note: I soldered the two 5v and one 3v small connections on the new USB Host Shield and it appears to be in operation).

Should the Keyboard lights be lit-solid upon connection, or is their a sketch command, or wiring issues, to be performed to make it light up continually?

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