USB MIDI Pedalboard for Keyboard Project.

Greetings, forum! This is my first post here.

I plan to make a MIDI pedalboard for a keyboard to play it like an organ (keyboard+pedals). My keyboard is a Yamaha PSR E433. It has USB to host and USB to device ports. My goal is to connect the pedalboard directly to the keyboard, so when a pedal is pressed, the corresponding note is played on the keyboard. I don't want to use a computer as a bridge between the pedals and the keyboard.

So, my doubt is: Can I achieve this with an arduino? Is it a good choice? I have worked with microcontrollers but I'm not an expert in the subject. I've never worked with any arduino nor other development boards. I'm also new to MIDI and USB. I have no qualms with C/C++ nor assembly programming.

I want to use an arduino because I will have to buy one anyway, for a robotics course.

Thanks! And please forgive my rusty English.

What sort of MIDI connection is on your keyboard? If it is a normal MIDI socket then fine. If it is a USB then no because the arduino will need to be a USB host and that is a whole diffrent ball game.

It has an USB port

I would try a Raspberry Pi then or an Arduino Due, there is a lot more code to write with the latter.

Hello everyone! Grumpy_Mike, How difficult would it be to do this with a normal MIDI connection? I'm pretty handy with electronics (being an electrical engineer and all...), but I'm a bit new to the world of Arduinos and MIDI. I am building an organ bass pedal board (25 notes). What model Arduino would you recommend? (one with at least 25 inputs? or would there be some sort of multiplexing system?) Is there already code out there? Would you be willing to lend a helping hand with the code? Thanks!