Usb Midi Pitchbend

So i am trying to get an Arduino to send midi information over usb of a pitch and modulation joystick from an Edirol pcr-30 keyboard, I am new to the world of Arduino and a super basic understanding of programming, have already played around with a few sketches and managed to make a few LEDs flicker like a fire to random values, but haven't been able to get the joystick to register any values to Ableton Live or the serial Monitor.

Does anyone have some guidance as to how I go about this?

The joystick has 4 wires, one purple and 3 grey, the 3 grey ones are the only ones that go to the joystick, the purple stops at that connector/PCB.

moving the joystick forward I want to control CC1 (modulation / mod wheel)

the joystick sits central on the x axis, left is to pitch down right to pitch up, -8142 to +8142

will I need to add a resistor to each axis to get a signal on the Arduino?

any advice appreciated, have been digging around for a few days..

the joystick sits central on the x axis, left is to pitch down right to pitch up, -8142 to +8142

What are these values supposed to represent? How did you measure them?

A potentiometer has three wires. Power goes in one, and out another to ground. The voltage at the third wire varies as the pot is moved. You need to figure out which of the gray wires is power in, which is ground, and which is the variable voltage wire.

What moron decided that three gray wires were a good choice?

sorry it was 8192, its the data range used to specify pitch bending



I managed to figure out the ground (grey), 5v (grey), and x (purple) - y (grey) axis analog outputs, but now I’m not sure where to go with the coding side …

about to try and get 2 analog inputs working into the serial monitor to get range on arduino