I'm trying to make a simple project... or at least I thought so. End goal is to read my USB midi keyboard to create a LED light show based on the notes that are played..

So what I've got:
Arduino Leonardo
USB Host shield
And a USB piano:M-Audio

I've Been using the USB MIDI library: GitHub - arduino-libraries/MIDIUSB: A MIDI library over USB, based on PluggableUSB

And everything compiles just fine but I cant read in any data... playing the piano and nothing shows up in my serial monitor..

I know with so many components there are a lot of different things that could be going wrong... but I was just looking for trouble shooting ideas... I'm almost out of them. Also looking for other possible work arounds that could work to create the same project.

Why do you have a USB Host Shield? It looks like the code runs directly on the Leonardo.

I think I understand that, however I use the shield to connect my USB keyboard to the arruino… (as in the physical port)

The Leonardo has a MicroUSB Female connector. I think what you need is a USB-A Female (normal rectangular hole you can plug your keyboard into) to MicroUSB Male adapter so you can plug the keyboard directly into the Leonardo. It's good that the USB Host Shield has a hole you can plug the keyboard into but it's the wrong hole. It's not going to work with the MIDIUSB library.