USB module - need a pcb for FT232BM

Hello all!
I have an Arduino serial board, but my laptop has only USBs. So I need a USB<=>RS232 converter, but unfortunately I have only FT232bl chips available, and all the pcbs I found were for FT232L, PL2303 or used a additional MAX213 IC, which I also can’t get. I’m not very good in drawing the boards, so I would be very grateful for PCB of such device.

You can get a PCB made, but you can’t get FT232L or MAX213 IC’s?

Where are you?

The point is that FT232BM I have for free and quickly, and all other chips I have to buy via e-shops and wait for a week or more for shipment. So I spent 5 hours making the whole Arduino board, and now is the second day I'm trying to connect it to the laptop :)