USB Mouse Absolute Mode

Hello, I am using an arduino Yun with the Mouse absolute mode to control a widescreen laptop by modifying the HID.cpp file as shown below. The problem I have is that the resolution of the mouse is terrible. Since I have only 128 steps on a 1600 pixel wide laptop, the mouse jumps 12 or so pixels at a time. Does anyone know how I could go about increasing this? With relative mouse mode I can move a single pixel. It’d be great if there were a way I could determine where the arrow is in relative mode so I could just keep track of it. Any help is much appreciated.

    0x15, 0x01,                    //     LOGICAL_MINIMUM (1)       <<<< This allows us to talk to any display resolution
    0x25, 0x7F,                    //     LOGICAL_MAXIMUM (127)     <<<<  as though it was 127x127 pixels
    0x75, 0x08,                    //     REPORT_SIZE (8)
    0x95, 0x03,                    //     REPORT_COUNT (3)
    0x81, 0x02,                    //     INPUT (Data,Var,Abs)      <<<< This allows us to moveTo absolute positions

Plan B:

Emulate mouse at AR9331 side

If you prefer do it at Atmel side. repost question at "Programming Questions"

Plan C:

Use Yun as virtual mouse cable ( via ethernet or wifi)

Server:Arduino Yun
USB device:Mouse
Client:widescreen laptop

I am only able make it work at latest kernel, and fail to back port to previous Yun firmware 3.8.3. never try to do on "new" firmware 3.3.8.