USB Mouse with USB Host Library + connected USB Hub not working?

Hello, I'm using this USB Host Library:

HIDMouse + HIDJoystick Sketches are working fine with a connected USB Hub.

But HIDKeyboard is only working without USBHub.

Is this a known problem and can someone help me how I can use an USB Hub with an USB Keyboard?

I'm using the Arduino IDE 1.5.5 with an Arduino Mega ADK.

It seems that the USB Host Shield Library 2.0 is not doing an ADK Board Reset after the first USB Endpoint search.

With an Arduino UNO + USB Host Shield + USB Hub all is working fine. Anyone knows way the Mega ADK Board is doing no reset with the USB Host Library?

It seems that the HIDKeyboard Sketch is not working with USB Hubs with one Ethernet-Port.

The Ethernet-Port is detected first, then the USB Ports, so I think this is the reason why its not working with the Sketch/Library.

A normal USB Hub without Ethernet-Port is working fine.

Comment out this line:
//USBHub Hub(&Usb);

It should work perfectly