USB output and Arduino help

Guys, I want to make a timer that will display the time on a computer screen.
I have the arduino past pretty clear. However I would like to use a USB cable to output the data to a PC since I do not have a serial port.

I am wondering if this is even possible? I would appreciate some guidance in achieving this.
I am guessing I will need a write a program that will look for the USB and read the signal?

Again, if someone can please shed some light it would great. Maybe what I am asking is very complex.

The USB on the Arduino is a serial port. It creates a virtual serial port in the PC it is plugged into. The code you need to write, therefore, would be a serial communications program (meaning you will want some sort of parser code).

there are lots of examples if you do a little googling... it depends on what you are familiar coding on your own.

I think I understand. So I was thinking about it the wrong way.
here is what I have imagined.

I thought I would connect a USB cable to the 5+, GND and some input or output pin or PWM.