USB Pinout on PCB

If you flip the Arduino duemilanove “upside down”
you see 4 points where the USB is soldered into, does anyone know which point is which?

                        USB to PC
                  |    ----------
                  |     (1)  (2)   
                  |                    Wallwart adapter plug->
                  |     (3)  (4)  
                  |    ----------

I’d hate to have to destroy a USB plug to map the points…


I’m having trouble understanding your sketch of where the parts are on the board so I’ll come up with my own numbering :slight_smile:

Looking from the top of the board

| 3 2 U 1: +5V
| 4 1 S 2: D-
±+ B 3: D+
| 4: GND
| Power jack

yours is a much better ascii sketch

thanks at ton!

you could try taking a multimeter to it and measure resistance, when you get a reading that is valid, then you know what is paired to what (not sure if that will work, but it seems like it should)

wait, didn’t see his sketch. nevermind

Schematics and PCB layout available here: