USB Plug Pins

A standard usb plug has four pins. i am just trying to find out what these pins mean.

i found this site here ( which describes the as VCC, GND, D+ and D-

can someone tell me if D+ and D- are the same as Rx and Tx pins?

i have found a bluetooth device with a USB plug on the end (, and am wondering if i can just pull this off and plug into pwr, gnd, rx and tx pins on arduino.


D+ and D- are not the equivalent of RX an TX because both wires are used to transmit and to receive data and the operate at 12Megabits per second

Arduino is an USB client and can not be connected directly to another client (like the device you mention you always need a USB host (a computer)

if you want to use bluetooth with arduino you need a bluetooth module with serial output like the bluesmirf or something like that


Ok, thankyou.

there is problems with new bluesmirf, they do not work the same as the old ones i use in the wireless arduino tutorial.

i am trying to find a new solution.