USB plug stuck

Hi all!

I have a mechanical problem: The plug of the USB cable seems to be stuck in the port on the Arduino. I tried wiggling and pulling on it, but am afraid of breaking the connector. >:(
Does someone know of a trick how to get it out? Is the cause the cable or the port?
It does not keep me from using the board, but it's kinda annoying...



Wiggle and pull vigorously, but not to the point of damaging the connector. I know that's a lot of help ;D


Mine does that too. I've stopped unplugging it from the Arduino side, and just unplug it from the PC side. I was also afraid I was going to break the Arduino trying to rip the B-side of the USB cable out.

I've never had it happen to me, but I understand that rough plugging/unplugging of USB connectors e.g. at the wrong angle can result in bending or other damage to the internal connectors. This is the most likely cause of sticking. If it's happened you will have to be prepared to replace the damaged parts. :cry: I don't recommend trying to repair the connectors unless you have super watchmaker skills!

UziMonkey: FWIW when I need to continually disconnect & reconnect something with double-ended cables I do it at the place where it would be easiest/cheapest to fix. I always disconnect the cable from my freeduino board, not the computer!

As a general note of caution, beware those mini-USB plugs, the tiny ones that you often see on portable hard drives, cameras, memory card readers and so on. They are very fragile! I dropped a portable hard disk off a table onto the mini-USB connector onec, and broke the connector. No access to the drive (which was fine) just due to a broken connector! I had to solder in a new one, which fixed it.