USB port not found

Hi guys, Downloaded the new Arduino software, and now I can't select the correct serial port. Re-installed the driver and the arduino software, but the usb port does still not appear.

Ps: the RX and TX lights are constantly on :-/

Try opening the network preference and deleting the entry for your USB / serial link then save it and plug it in again.

thanks! But there are no usb serial settings in network preferences.

There seems to be other people having trouble with V21 so how about trying to download V20 or earlier. Some people also have trouble when using a hub.

Tried it with 20, 19, 18 and 17 and it didn't work :(

ok that’s weird it works now :slight_smile: but don’t ask me why

Did you do a reboot between it not working an it working? I know it's not a PC but it sometimes helps.

Ive been having the same problem. It did not work with any software version. Then it started to work for a while, and now, it doesn't work any more.

I have the exact same problem. USB port(s) suddenly vanished in the middle of a program. SO I dloaded the Newest version and drivers, and still nothing. The USB ports work fine with other devices, there is some glitch in the Arduino ap. If anyone knows how to correct this it will be greatly appreciated. My massive project is now dead in its tracks.

The USB ports work fine with other devices, there is some glitch in the Arduino ap.

Before blaming the Arduino App, it would probably be a good idea to check the USB Devices listed in System Profiler. Make sure the OS is seeing (and recognizing) the Arduino board.

James: the system profiler lists no devices. Just the various buses. When I hook up the Arduino this does not change. I only called it a glitch because it suddenly malfunctioned without me doing anything. My computer skills are limited. I operate in aps. I have NO idea how to make the system see the arduino board. It doesn't work on vers. 18 or 21... so at this point... I'm lost. Thanks for your advice.

Ok, the USB will not communicate with my arduino when it has an incorrect circuit connected to it.... I believe by splitting too many +'s I created to much amperage and as a safety measure it wouldn't power it. I have been trying to wire a 6 pos. 2 pole switch, and was wiring it incorrectly..