USB ports dont work after uno install on win7

Hi there,

Man, this is a serious issue.
I just installed the new UNO on my windows 7. You know, I installed the ArduinoUNO.inf. And for some reason it now fails to recognize my mouse, my external HD,..
The arduino works fine, but the rest...

It still powers it but fails to connect to it.

Does anyone have a clue what to do?
Thanks in advance!

Shut it down, deprive it of power (pull the plug from the wall and remove the battery if its a laptop), put it together again and restart it.

Worked like a charm!
Thanks man!
Any chance you know why it needed to be deprived of power? or is it just a windows thing?

What happens is that things like USB ports are often ‘alive’ when the PC is shut down. Sometimes they crash and because they remain powered they stay in the crashed state and the operating system can’t communicate with them. They don’t have any option but to shut down when you deprive them of power. 25 years in the trade… :wink:

Allright, I understand.
Thanks again! Next time I have a problem I'll get back at you:)