USB Power supply

Hi all,
what happens if I connect an Arduino nao with a USB power supply, that means, with signal pins (mostly via 200 ohms) connected? Will the program be still executed?
Thanks - Richard

that means, with signal pins (mostly via 200 ohms) connected?

And what does that mean?
Your question is most unclear.
Where are you connecting what to?

Sorry, I'll try to make it clear.
There are power supplies on the market which are plugged into a wall outlet or into a cigarette lighter socket in a car. They have a USB Type A socket (female) with pin 1 delivering 5V+ and pin 4 which is on GND. You use this to charge a device through its USB jack. The device recognizes the power supply because in the USB jack of the power supply pins 2 and 3 are connected (sometimes directly, mostly with a 200 Ohm resistor).

I have a sensor which gets its power from the +5V pin of an Arduino nano. This sensor can be operated with or without making use of the Arduino. In the first case a computer will be connected with the USB connector of the Nano. But when using it without a computer I have until now a second power connector to supply the sensor. But why use two power connectors?
I assume I can power my sensor also over the USB of the Arduino, even when the Arduino is not needed. In this case I want to connect the Arduino with the described power supply instead of the computer. Then pin 2 and 3 are connected. Is that harmful for the Arduino?

I hope my question is clear now ;-)!


No, that is not harmful to the Arduino. You can power it from a USB type adapter with no data connection.

Thanks, I'm happy now!