USB Power Switch

Hey Guys,

I am making a fun pastime project which controls the USB output of a charger.

I am controlling an ATQ209SA 5V Relay using an Arduino and the Output of the Charger Block will be connected to the Common of the Relay. The NO is connected to the USB Cable which goes to the phone. The function is simple, press a button and the relay latches between NO and NC.

I am using a OnePlus 3 and the charger is rated at 5V 4A. But the datasheet says 2A 30V DC max and 60W DC max.

Is it safe to connect the charger block’s output to the relay? Can the relay handle it safely?

Can you post a link to the relay you are using please.

If you are going to supply all of the 4A from the charger most of the time, the 2A DC rating may be too low.
If the relay has a pair of contacts you could parallel them together.

Tom.... :slight_smile:

Hey Guys,

Here is the link: