USB programmer from eBay?

Hi I just got a cheap USB programmer ($2) item 160624975810 with the Progisp ver 1.72 software. Has anyone had any luck with this product or the Progisp software? I am trying to load a script without using a bootloader (have the hex file) but the software can't seem to communicate with the chip (ATmega88PA). Everytime I try to communicate it errors with "Chip Enable Program Error" As the software can talk to serial/parallel and USB programmers I am not sure it is seeing the USB programmer. I can't find an english manual or any other info on this software or setup. Anyone got one going? Or has anyone else bought the same hardware and got that working? Regards Blacksnake

Since the ATmega88 is not a typical Arduino processor and you are not using the Arduino bootloader you might have better luck in the forums.

Spend a couple dollars more and get a programmer designed for Atmel AVR chips.
This one works great with a 6-wire adapter to connect to the AVRs ICSP signals - MISO, MOSI, SCK, Reset, Power, Gnd.
Need to add 2 lines to programmers.txt, then this device shows up in the IDE all set to use.