usb programming and 3.3v ?

Hi Is there option to run mega on 3.3v with USB cable? I'm tired of disconnecting 3310 lcd everytime I want to upload program.

I was trying to build level converter (with chip ahc244) but it didn't work properly.

Doesn't USB put out 5V? I see 3.3V created on the Mega schematic, looks like the only place it goes is a connector tho.

HI My problem is that nokia lcd is driven by 3.3v and signals MUST be 3.3v so I need 3.3v on whole board

If you don't want to cut traces you can try an FTDI 3.3 board. Only connect the TX, RX, DTR and GND signals directly to the mega headers.

I think it should work without any problems and you can skip the DTR line as long as you press the reset button after a new upload.

Perhaps someone else could verify what I'm saying. I'm not completely sure it's okay to program with an external 3.3v source. (3.3v powering the atmega) and (a separate 3.3v programming the same chip). Vcc's NOT tired together.