USB Raw HID Interfacing - Library to Arduino?

I'm working with the Teensy2.0++ from PJRC ( and using WinAVR to compile the RAW HID example, managed to get it to communicate back and forth with my program.

I am trying to interface this with the LEDCONTROL library which is available in the Arduino interface but cannot seem to bring the RAW HID library over to the Arduino environment (

Are there any sharp C programmer types that can assist? I'm a long-time Pascal (Borland Delphi 7) programmer trying to learn my way through C

Thanks in advance!

I am kinda new to arduino, but so far, inporting my own code, I needed to make them 'classes' in order to integrate. So 3 choices:

  1. simply make the hid code cpp, turn them into classes (or make a arduino lib out of them)
  2. better would be to copy the teensy code under 'cores' and add a new rawhid. Are you sure kb/mouse(hid) wont work for you?
  3. write a small 'wrapper' class to act as glue between arduino and hid code.

I would take the option2 route myself.

Also I did not see a lot of write-ups about such things either. The correct process for porting code, incorporating other code into arduino. So its a slow process for me still.