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Has anyone used the:

SainSmart 8-channel 12 V USB Relay Board Module Controller for Arduino?

They are advertised on Ebay for $50-$60. Not a bad cost, if you could really remotely locate an output block 6 to 10 feet away from your primary arduino controller....and just supply the output block with 110/220V to power your outlets, (have a built in 110v to 12v power supply to power the usb relay board) and a USB capable to send the On/Off commands. 4 is an even better number as you could be more assured users won't overload the circuit sourcing the 110v, but I like the 8 outputs, because you might as well have more available if you go through the trouble of a power supply, enclosure, power cord, etc....

I ask because I see the For Arduino in the Title, but I do not see any mention of sending commands to it from an Arduino in any of their specifications.


The actual title of the product is “SainSmart 8-channel 12 V USB Relay Board Module Controller For Automation Robotics”. The EBay idiot changed the title. Very likely as an underhanded method to draw attention.

Well, he certainly did draw attention. I quite thought I had a new method of remotely locating output i/o with minimal wiring. Looks like it's back to 4 channel devices with a Cat5 cable carrying the switching signals.